Why You Must Have A Clear Vision For Your Future

Oct 24, 2022


In this training, I share with you the importance of having a clear vision for the future we desire and why worthiness plays such a huge role in creating the life we most want.

We explore:

  • Why you need to have clarity on your vision and the power of your mind
  • The ways in which you're already getting the instructions on how to get what you want
  • The importance of being worthy to step into your new life
  • The steps we must to take to create our vision 

Full Transcript


Beautiful humans, welcome to another episode of Become Unlimited with Jonathan Perez, where every week, together we discuss what it really means to live an unlimited life. This week, I want to talk to you about why it is so important that you have some vision of a future that you desire to create. Some beautiful vision of the future that you desire and to be inspired by that future. It's such an important part of really living the life that you most desire but also that you deserve because you truly do deserve to create and experience everything that you want to experience in this life and you are worthy of that. So to actually experience those things, it's important that you have somewhere or some place where you keep track of what it is that you desire and get very clear on that future that you desire. Because only through that inspiration and that daily reminder of where we're going, can we actually make progress towards it.

So let me tell you why this is important. Why should you care about having some defined vision of your future? Well, think about it this way, if you're not really being defined by some vision of the future, then you would have to agree that in some way, shape or form, you're simply confined to your repeated daily experience. Now you've probably seen in the movies where they make fun of the reality that people will wake up and it's like Groundhog Day, which means that they wake up, they do one thing and then they experience pretty much the same day every single day. And the truth is that the likelihood is that that person, like most people, don't have clarity on what it is that they desire or they lack the worthiness to believe that they actually can experience what it is that they truly want. So if you feel like your life is on repeat in any capacity, it's likely that maybe you have some idea of what you want but it's not clearly defined. So when it's not clearly defined, then it's really difficult to make progress towards it so we're not as inspired. But when we get very clear on what we want to experience and what it is that we want to create, then we're more supported and guided through our internal capacities and our minds to actually take us to what we want or that new future that we desire.

You Already Do This In Your Life

So let me give you an example of something that you experience probably every day to show you how powerful it is when you get clear and you make a decision to make something new or create something new in your life. I'm sure that at some point you made a decision to either get a new job, to move to a new place, maybe improve a relationship or get out of debt. Whatever it is for you, you had something in your life where you felt, "Wow, I want to get out of this. I want to improve this. I want to create something new." And then all of a sudden when you made the decision that that is where you wanted to go, then the solutions and the ideas and the steps began to arrive into your experience of life. All of a sudden it became very clear. Maybe a book showed up, maybe a resource showed up or a person that you needed that started to give you the steps about how to get there. But you need the clarity about the new future that you desire or the new experience that you desire to create in your life for those things to begin to enter your experience of life.

So what am I saying here? I'm saying that if you want to experience something new in your life, some new future, you're going to have to first get very clear on what that future is. Now, this can be in any area of your life, maybe it's a new relationship, maybe it's a new job, maybe it's a certain amount of money or maybe it's building a business. I don't know. Whatever it is for you, get very clear on what that is and when you get very clear on what it is that you want to experience, then be inspired and know that you can do it. That's a big part of this. Even if you get very clear, if you internally don't believe that you can do it, it's not going to matter, you're not going to get the result that you want.

The Importance Of Worthiness In Creating A New Future

So get very clear on what you want but know that if someone else has done it, you can too. If someone else has done it, you can too. So believe that. Know it. Let it land for you that, "Okay, I am no different than any other human being and if somebody else has accomplished something or has had some level of success, I can do it too." Know that. So with that new belief in you, then you're signaling to your mind and your body, "Hey, this is where we're going and I'm not going to get confined by knowing that it's not here yet but this is the new future that I want and I'm tired of living my life on repeat." So once you make the decision that that's the new future that you want and you know that you're worthy of it, that you can do it, that you can have it, then all of a sudden, you made the decision so the next step is for you to begin to figure out what are the steps that I need to take for me to create that future that I desire. The easiest way I can tell you how to do this is find that person who has already achieved the thing that you want and figure out what did they do?

What are the steps that they took to achieve or to develop or to become who they are today or to experience what they've experienced today or up to this day? So you find someone who's already done the thing that you desire and you figure out what did they do and then you simply follow those steps in your own way. Obviously, you don't have to do it exactly how they did it but you will have a framework, a map. Brendon Burchard gives this example from where he's from Montana and they always say, hey, before you enter the woods, it's probably a good idea to have the map before you enter, not after when you're already lost. When you're trying to figure something out. So you'll want to make sure that if you have some future you desire and you have someone that you're keeping your eye on while they've already achieved the thing that I want, what are the steps they took? How can I get a map of how I get to where they are today? And maybe they have some type of course or book or something to guide you or maybe not, so you can figure out what's a way that you can maybe learn from them or watch them and figure out the steps that they took.

Why Having Clarity And Maintaining Consistency Are Key

So every single day then, you're going to want to have this vision of your future clarified for you. And I want you to get very clear on how you'll do it and then also make sure that you review it every single day. Because if you don't review it every single day, what's going to happen is you're going to fall back into the same habitual ways. You're going to fall back into the same ways of being that creates that vision that I've shared with you, where people are on repeat doing the same thing every single day. You don't want that to be you. So when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you want to do is remember where you're going, remember where you're headed and remind yourself of your vision of your future and remind yourself of the steps you need to take and then get very clear, okay, how do I translate that into what I need to do today to make progress towards my vision or my future, even if it's something small? Because people... I've noticed and I've had to overcome this myself too, is we get caught up in not being able to do it all today. Maybe you have a full-time job that you still have and you have to be there and then you might think or you might have the thought, "Wow! When am I supposed to make progress towards that future if I can't do things today for it?" Well, simple.

Simply keep it in your mind and make at least some small step. Maybe it's sending an email or creating a plan or scheduling some time on your calendar, anything that will move the needle even a little bit if you don't have so much time to make progress in a single day, that's okay, as long as it's in your mind and you know that that's where you're headed, the inspiration keeps going. The goal here is to not lose the motivation of where it is that you're headed.

Bring It All Together

So, in summary, if you're not being defined by some vision of a big future that you desire to experience, you're going to fall back into the same patterns of that repeat Groundhog Day experience and you feel stuck. And again, that the trick there is to have some vision of a future that you desire and to make progress towards it. Once you get clear on that future that you want and you know in your heart that you too can also have and experience that life that you desire because someone else has done it and if someone else has done it, that means that you can do it too, then you figure out the steps. What are the steps that I need to take to achieve that future, to have that same level of success? And then you clarify those steps. You figure out a way to learn those steps and then you take action every single day, even if it's small, you take some daily action. Even just reviewing your vision of what you want is going to be progress. And by the way, you can record this vision on audio, you can make a video, you can write it out, maybe have it in a journal or on your computer or whatever. Whatever it is, just make sure that you have somewhere to write it out and have some fun with it. Don't limit yourself here.

So the last thing I'll remind you of is to review this vision every single day to stay inspired. And remember, just because you're not seeing big progress in a single day, as long as it's in your mind and you're taking some small step towards it, you're making progress. So know that you are worthy to experience the highest levels of success, of abundance, of joy, of freedom because if someone else has achieved that, you can as well. Sending you all my love. Send me a DM on Instagram if any of this resonated @jonathanperez.life. You can follow me there and connect. Until next time, much love.




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