How to Step Into Your Personal Power

Sep 06, 2022


In this training, I share with you my thoughts on what it means to activate your personal power and how to know when you’ve given it away.

We explore:

  • What it means to embrace and use your personal power
  • How to understand the moments when you’ve given your power away to some external situation or circumstance
  • How to reclaim your personal power to experience more empowerment and freedom

Full Transcript 


Beautiful humans, welcome to another episode of Become Unlimited with Jonathan Perez where every week we discuss what it really means to live an unlimited life. So if it interests you to be unlimited in your life, be sure to subscribe for weekly trainings and conversations with thought leaders in the space of personal transformation, personal change, spirituality, leadership, human potential and peak performance. This week, I want to share with you a conversation around what it really means to be in your power. You might have heard about being in your power from maybe another teacher, another mentor, a coach, another book, another workshop, another course, and everyone has their own different definition of what it means to be in your power, and that's great, and that's beautiful. And I'm here to now share my own with you, so I can share my greatest understanding of what it means to be in your power but also what it means to not be in your power or how do you know when you're not in your power? 

So I want to help you here today in this training to understand what it means when you are in your power and what it means when you're not, and when you're not in your power, how to shift into being in your power. Okay? So make sure that you watch until the end so you can make sure that you take away the insights, the mindsets necessary and the tools for you to be able to shift and be in your power more often. So why is this important? Well, I imagine that you like me want to experience more empowerment. You want to experience more freedom, you want to experience more joy in your life and that's common, that's normal. Why? Because we're human, that's what we're here to do. We're here to live lives of freedom and joy but we have to understand ourselves in terms of how we work and how we operate to be able to experience that joy and that freedom and that inspiration and that passion, we have to overcome certain things to experience that. And that means learning to master your mind, learning to master what it is that the mind does and understanding how it operates.

How Your Mind Works and How It Creates Stories

Your mind is a meaning-making machine, so when anything happens in the external environment of people, places and things, any external circumstance that happens that you observe, your mind immediately begins to make meaning of that situation, of that circumstance, and in that moment... There's a moment that happens where we begin to create stories about that situation, about what it means to us. When you can start to observe those stories, you can start to be conscious of those stories and see whether they're serving you or not. And those stories that we make up about those situations make us think and feel in certain ways. So for example, let's just use the good old example of someone cutting you off in traffic. Why? 'Cause this has happened to most people, so it's common. You're driving, someone cuts you off and immediately you're going to start creating some story or some meaning about that situation. So it might look like if you're not in your power, you start to have thoughts and feelings of anger and frustration, you react emotionally, and you're creating stories that that person is an idiot, fill in the blank, fill in the blank, fill in the blank, maybe at a higher tone. And you're allowing them...

How To Know When You’ve Given Your Power Away

And this is the point I want you to take away of how to know when you're not in your power. If you can't stop yourself from feeling those emotions that you probably don't want to feel and having those thoughts that don't really serve you, if you can't stop that and you keep going and keep going and keep going and you start... You keep feeling that same way, if you can't change the way you feel, and then what's happening, and this is how you're not being in your power, you're allowing that thing that just happened, that circumstance in your external environment, in the world of people, places and things, something outside of you to control how you feel inside. So that circumstance, that person cutting you off because you can't change how you think and feel, now, that is controlling you. So in other words, you have given your power away to that situation, to that circumstance, to that person, to that thing. And most people, they linger there and they don't know that they can actually decide to shift or to change the way that they're thinking about it and ultimately how they feel.

What Means to Be In Your Power  

So to be in your power then is to recognize... Let's just say in that moment where somebody cut you off, that you reacted emotionally and that you got yourself gone, you got yourself jacked up. And in that moment you catch yourself and you say, "Woah, that's not really how I want to feel, I don't want to keep blaming or being angry and thinking crazy thoughts about this person, I really want to feel more relaxed and calm and empowered in this moment." So, ooh, you caught yourself then and you have become conscious of you not being in your power in that moment. And that is your power, your power is your ability to see yourself and what's happening and then shift and then choose to think differently. When you catch yourself in that moment and you choose to think differently, you've executed your power, you have just executed your power. So being in your power then is to have something happen in the external environment, some circumstance, some situation. And that even if you do react because there's nothing wrong with that, we react as a normal part of life because it's our survival mechanism.

But once we react, if we can recognize that we've reacted and we want to come back to balance and we don't want to keep going in terms of thinking and feeling in ways that don't serve us, then executing our power is saying, "Woah, okay, that thing is happening out there," some circumstance or some situation, but instead of blaming, instead of complaining, instead of being a victim to that situation, let me instead see if I can find the learning, let me instead see if I can find some lesson or be curious to how I can learn from this, how can I grow from this situation? What is it that this moment is helping me to learn? What is it that I can learn from this? So bringing it back to the example of someone cutting you off. In that moment someone cut you off, if you were executing your power, you might say, "Woah, I feel the urge." And I say this from personal experience, by the way. Because this is how I practice, so it doesn't have to be that, cutting you off. But in the moment, I feel the urge, something's happened outside of me, some circumstance and I feel the urge to complain, I feel the urge to be a victim, I feel the urge to blame someone or to find whose fault it is so I can tell them off.

And the moment I feel that, I catch it and I don't go along with those stories, I don't go along with it, I don't go along with whatever is playing out. Instead I say, "Woah, okay, that's not how I want to think or how I want to feel. So let me choose new thoughts to think." And in that moment, I get curious, what can I learn here? And in the moment, let's just say someone cut me off, well, maybe this is an opportunity for me to practice patience, maybe this is an opportunity for me to practice compassion, well, maybe this is an opportunity for me to question the stories because maybe they actually were in a rush to get somewhere that's really important to them. Who knows? I don't know. I'm just making assumptions and I'm letting those assumptions drive how I think and feel so it's controlling me. So again, being in your power is you choosing consciously what it is that you want to think about any situation, and then being curious as to what the opportunity is for you, what opportunity exists for you to learn something, for you to grow from that situation. And can you be so curious and open and not controlled by that circumstance or situation that you actually have the will power to shift and see if you can actually find the growth or the lesson? 

Sounds simple, huh? It's not easy though. Why? Because everybody would be doing it. Everybody would be doing this if it were easy. It's not easy to shift in the moment, it's not easy to move into curiosity because frankly... And the truth is that most people, they use that thing in that circumstance or that situation to find reasons to complain, to find a reason to blame, to find a reason to be victimized, and they use that story. But if they were to shift and move into a place of empowerment and be in their power, then they would have to take responsibility, take responsibility for how they might have contributed to that situation but then also what it is that they can learn from it. So that means taking responsibility and most people truly are unwilling to do that. It's not good, bad, right or wrong, it just is the reality. And they're in their own process but we have the choice to choose when we have this awareness and this knowledge.

When something happens in our external environment, some circumstance, some situation, remember that giving your power away would be that you allow that circumstance or situation to control how you're thinking and feeling. In other words, you're giving your power away to that thing and being in your power is when you can notice what's happening in the outer world. Whatever circumstance or situation, you control your emotional reaction, you breathe, you come into balance and then you choose what it is that you want to think, you choose the meaning that you want to assign to that situation. That is being in your power my friends. 

And from that place, there is more joy, there is more freedom, there is more empowerment because you're no longer allowing that circumstance or that situation to control you. I trust that you found this helpful. Send me a DM on Instagram if something resonated or if you practice this and you have an insight or an aha, I would love to hear about it. Thank you for being here. Blessings to you. Until next time, much love.




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